In the year 2020 two major calamities have occurred in India. The first was the terrible organized violence against Muslims in Delhi in February. Some extremist Hindu organizations with the complicity of police, attacked the houses of about 1,000 families in several low-income Muslim localities in Northeast Delhi. The mob burnt and destroyed the houses and shops of poor muslims and killed about 80 of them. A.I.M. has started a relief & rehabilitation program to provide relief to these victims. For that A.I.M. organized a very successful fundraising drive to help these victims in March-April 2020. The other recent calamity to hit India this year is the resurgence of the Corona Virus pandemic all over the country in March 2020. In addition to the spread of deadly virus, the government enforced total lockdown all over the country, shut down all economic and industrial activities, and suddenly rendered about 150 million laborers in over two dozen major cities unemployed and penniless. They were stranded without basic food and drink and faced mass starvation. To provide basic essential relief, A.I.M. organized a campaign in May-June 2020 of providing essential relief food supplies to these suffering poor people from all religious communities, through several India-based NGOs:

1. Khudaaee Khidmatgar (Sandeep Pandey), Lucknow and Delhi.
2. Aman Biradari (Harsh Mander) Delhi and Haryana.(https://amanbiradari.org )
3. Hindus for Human Rights (Sunita Viswanath), Tamil Nadu and Kerala (https://www.hindusforhumanrights.org)
4. GOONJ (Priyanka Pandey), Delhi and Uttar Pradesh (https://goonj.org)
5. Association for India’s Development (Nishikant Deshmukh), Maharashtra and Bihar.(https://www.aidindia.org)
6. Pol-Pan Friends Group, Khambatt, Gujarat.

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