In 2005 the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) initiated a program to build vocational training centers, high schools and junior high schools for deprived Muslim youth in India in cooperation with Indian Muslim educational organizations. The program goal is to build a new school or upgrade a very run-down school in a district where Muslim population is high, every two or three years. AIM has built many schools, built classrooms in existing schools that have become crowded, has built libraries, labs, computer centers in schools, etc. The following is a very brief description of these schools.

2022: Sir Syed National Schools, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur (UP):

Built a computer lab with 15 personal computers in each school. Provided donation of $27,000.

2022: Scholarships at the 4 Anjuman Islam Engineering Colleges:

Provided $10, 000 scholarship to students in the engineering colleges.

* Saboo Siddiq Engineering College

* Polytechnic, Mumbai

* Abdul Razaq Kalsekar Engineering College

* Polytechnic, Panvel, New Mumbai

2022: Scholarships at University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya:

Provided $8,000 Scholarships to students

2021: NIARC Koliyandy School for Handicapped children, Kozhikode, Kerala:

Provided $10,000 donation to the school for handicapped children.

2021: Scholarships at University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya:

Provided $5,000 scholarship to students

2021: Scholarships at the 4 Anjuman Islam engineering colleges Mumbai:

Provided $15,000 scholarship donation to students in the engineering colleges

2021: Scholarship to Ms Aqsa Siddiqa, Electrical Engineering Students, IIT Hyderabad :

Provided $2,000 scholarship to a girl student at IIT Hyderabad

2020: Scholarship to Anjuman Islam Engineering Colleges, Mumbai :

Provided $24,000 scholarship donation to students in 4 engineering colleges

2019: Muslim Service Society, Kerala:

AIM provided financial support to Muslim Service Society (MSS) of Kerala through it's Kerala Flood Relief Fund. The fund was used towards various projects MSS undertook to rehabilitate the affected people and the reconstruction of educational institutions. Some of the projects MSS undertook with AIMs fund include:
a) Construction of a library and reading hall at CMC colony, East Nadakavu, Kozhikode. The project assures social upliftment of a marginalized group of people in the society
b) Reconstruction of library at MSS Public School, Vengalam
c) Relief work at Kuttipuram MSS School
d) Construction of a dialysis center at Vattaparamba, Malappuram District, Kerala
e) Medical Aid Center and Physiotherappy Clinic, Alappuzha District, Kerala

2018: Niswan Girls Inter College, Azamgarh (UP)

Niswan Inter College is an 80 year old Girls College/school in Paharpur, Azamgah. There are about 1,000 girl students in this school.In 2018 AIM built a computer center in this school with 35 computers and associated accessories including power supply etc. AIM is also helping build some science labs and a library in the school.

2017-2018: Sir Syed Higher Secondary School, Dehradun, Uttarkhand:

AIM provided financial assistance in the establishment of this higher secondary school in 2004. In 2017/18 AIM provided a $5,000 donation to the school to build a computer center there.

2017: Anjuman Islam Engineering College, Mumbai:

AIM is providing a dozen scholarships every year to needy students in these colleges.

2016: Tailoring Training Centre for Girls, Hyderabad:

The tailoring academy provides training to students on the basics of various stiching techniques. The training Center provides 6 month and 12 month training courses to poor girls in making export quality garments, uniforms for school children, police/army people, industrial workers etc. After this training they can get good paying jobs in the garment industry.

2016: SMILE-THENAL Vocational Center Kohzikode :

AIM donated a school bus to SMILE-THENAL Vocational Center Kohzikode, a school for the differently abled. AIM provided bus brings students to the center from their homes and returns them to their homes at the end of the day. AIM also furnished 20 laptop computers to the Center to train physically handicapped children in computer programming so they can get good jobs.

2015: Brighton Junior High School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat:

In 2015 with an investment of $15,000 AIM built a library and a computer lab in the existing Brighton Junior High School in a poor income locality in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. About 800 children are enrolled in this school which has 12 teachers. The school is housed in a 3 story building and was built in 2010 by a local philanthropist. AIM also purchased a large number of childrens' books for the newly built library.

2013-2015: Ideal School, Kumta, Karnataka:

In 2013-15 with an investment of $50,000 AIM built two small buildings housing 6 classrooms and a computer lab on the ground adjacent to the existing two story building of the Ideal Junior High School in Kumta, Karnataka. Kumta is a small town in coastal Karnataka about 90 miles south of Panjim, Goa. The school has a student population of 700 and 10 teachers.

2012-2013: AIM Junior High School, Tewra, district Muzaffarnagar, UP:

AIM begun in May 2012 the construction of this English medium Junior High School (upto Class 8) with a donation of $50,000, in cooperation with MESCO, Hyderabad (Muslim Educational, Social, Cultural Organization) and Madrasa Qasimul Uloom, Tewra; these two organizations will operate the school. Number of students is projected to be about 150 and number of teachers about 8. School is expected to start functioning in July 2013.

2010 -2011: AIM Junior High School, Kopepur, distrid Faizabad, UP:

AIM has built this Government (CBSI) curriculum Junior High School (up to Class 8) with a donation of $40,000, in cooperation with Faiz-e-Aam Muslim Educational Society, Faizabad, who are operating the school. Number of students is about 150 and number of teachers is 6.

2007 - 2009: Saima Mansoor Higher Secondary School, Parsara, district Hathras, UP:

This is a higher secondary school (up to Class 12) built in cooperation with Noorul Uloom Education Society, Aligarh, who are operating the school. (The family of Dr Syed Naseem/ Mr Syed Ameen have provided most of the funding for this school.)

2005-2007: AIM-FD Technical Training Center, Ahmadabad:

AIM, with a donation of $60,000,has built a technical training center in Jamalpur, Ahmadabad, in cooperation with Fa|ah Darain Education Society of Ahmadabad This is a vocational training center that provides certificate level training programs to train Muslim youth in trades like electrician, air conditioner repair, refrigerator repair, television repair, auto repair, welding etc. Number of students is about 100.